Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Good News, Everyone!

Hello, Everybody and Happy Wednesday!!!

Today I have some super exciting, astounding, unbelievable, amazing, positively gut-churning news to share with y’all! After having to keep mum for almost a month now, I have at last been granted permission to announce that I have been selected to join the crazy-talented Crafter’s Companion Design Team!!!

I cannot even put into words what this opportunity means to me – hard to believe, I know; but it’s true! When I submitted my application back in February, I honestly NEVER thought I stood a chance at being chosen. (I mean, have y’all SEEN the things this bunch creates???) I’m totally going to be the girl in the corner wearing the crafter’s equivalent of a dunce cap.

Needless to say, I am scared to death – but so, so thrilled at the same time! Never in my life did I think that I would be good enough at ANYTHING, much less crafting, to be afforded this kind of honor. And, while I know that there are a gazillion people out there more talented, skilled, and deserving of this position than I am, I promise to do my absolute BEST live up to the challenge.

For ALL of you that have offered me your support, encouragement, and a priceless belief in my abilities – I thank you with all my heart! It’s gonna be a crazy ride, y’all! It is my greatest hope that you will join me for the journey! 💜



  1. Bravo and so well deserved! Congrats! As you can see, I began reading your blog from your first post, so Im just now reading this wonderful news! I look forward to more inspiration ...dont forget about us little folk! Ha! Again, congrats, good luck Leslie and hope I meet you one day:) 💜

  2. Dyane, I will NEVER forget you! In so many ways I feel as if I am doing this for so many of y'all. If someone with as many doubts and insecurities as I have can do this, anyone can! I want to bring all of you along for the ride! I am *not* a "throw myself out there and let the judging commence" type of person. I still hold my breath each time I share a card. But - anything is possible! And I so want to engender that belief in others! 💜